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The Pulse

In our independently owned, state-of-the-art facility, our board-certified cardiologists and staff treat our patients like royalty. We take pride in the hands-on, compassionate care we offer to each and every patient, and we even offer bilingual interpretation.


Get Up
and move
As we get older, our bodies need to be treated with a little TLC. A little cardio activity will help your heart stay healthy.

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live better
Stretching your muscles prior to exercising will help maintain a healthy balance of activity and health.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
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or straight
Keep moving to keep your blood circulation healthy and flowing throughout your body. Your heart will be happy and so will you.

Monday through Friday
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You Are
what you eat
Have a healthy diet plan to ensure your heart maintains an optimal shape by eating natural foods we grow.

Every day of the week
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Your Key To Health

Exercise intensity refers to how hard your body is working during physical activity. Your health and fitness goals, as well as your current level of fitness, will determine your ideal exercise intensity. Typically, exercise intensity is described as low, moderate, or vigorous.

The human body has an in-built system to measure its exercise intensity – the heart. Your heart rate will increase in proportion to the intensity of your exercise.
What Are You Waiting For?
  • 1
    Meet Our Doctor's To Determine Your Exercise Level With any exercise program, you should consult your doctor to help determine the exercise level. With his help, you can start your path to a healthy lifestyle.

  • 2
    Develop An Exercise And Nutrional Program Eating healthy is perhaps the best key to a healthy lifestyle. Eating the proper amount of fiber with a healthy mixture of Omega 3 foods, nuts, fruit and salad's is a good start to any exercising program.

  • 3
    Review Your Workout Program Once A Month As you progress with your exercising program, you levels of stamina will increase. Once a month, it is important evaluate your progress and make adjustments to help you reach your goals of a healthy lifestyle.

In-Office Stress Test

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Life is Good

There are many things that affect food choices, for example, personal preferences, cultural backgrounds or philosophical choices such as vegetarian dietary patterns. Our doctor's have taken this into consideration in developing practical and realistic advice. Keeping these Guidelines in mind will help your choice of healthy foods.

Omega 3's 93%

Nuts & Fruit 88%

Exercise 98%

Meet Your Enemy

Stay Away

When we eat fatty foods, these foods will tend to clog our arteries. When your arteries are clogged, this leads to heart disease and other complications that could have been avoided if a healthy diet filled with Omega 3's, fruits and vegies had been followed. You can change your lifestyle and make your life healthy and happy.

Hamburgers 03%

Donut's 02%

Shrimp 07%

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Time To Get In Shape

Regular physical activity makes you less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease. It also helps control other heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and being overweight. There are plenty of other benefits too. If you get regular physical activity, it’s likely you will live longer, feel more energetic, have stronger bones and muscles, and feel happier and more relaxed.

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